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News guides 05 September 2023, 08:26

author: Adam Adamczyk

NMS - How to Scrap Multi Tool; Where to Find Decommissioning Terminal

In this guide you will learn where to find the Multi-Tool Decommissioning Terminal in NMS. The new feature is part of update 4.4 Echoes and allows for scrapping multi-tools.

Source: No Man's Sky, developer: Hello Games

No Man's Sky is a huge and long-polished game, in which you can fly spaceships, fight enemies, explore planets and acquire a variety of equipment. The title regularly receives updates that not only fix some of the bugs, but also introduce additional content. In this guide you will learn where to find the Multi-Tool Decommissioning Terminal in NMS. The novelty was introduced in the Update 4.4 "Echoes".

Multi-Tool Decommissioning Station in NMS

With the Multi-Tool Decommissioning Terminal you can scrap multi-tools, thus freeing up some space in your inventory and gaining valuable resources at the same time. Before that, however, you need to find the location of this terminal.

The Multi-Tool Decommissioning Station can be found in Space Anomaly, between Tetshy and Robot Construct from the previous expedition. Once you've landed, use the stairs located on the extreme left and head towards the large portal. On the right you should notice a sizable orange hologram depicting a multi-tool. This is where you will find the Multi-Tool Decomissioning Terminal.

NMS Echoes update

Multi-Tool Decommissioning Terminal has been introduced to No Man's Sky with the Echoed update, and it adds a lot more content. If you are interested in the changes to the game, you can find all the information in the patch notes on the official website of NMS.

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