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News guides 16 February 2024, 00:30

No Man's Sky - How to Get Starborn Runner in NMS

New expedition Omega in NMS lets you roll with style by introducing new starship called Starborn Runner. Here you will learn how to get this amazing vessel.

Source: No Man's Sky, Developer: Hello Games

Without a doubt, story of Hello Games and their production, No Man’s Sky, is one of the more interesting ones recently in game development. It’s a typical tale of failed expectations, that eventually became reality. And currently, almost 8 years after launch, the game is still receiving new updates. The last one, called Omega, introduced a lot of new interesting additions and enriched already vast space with new activities and equipment to gather. Definitely, the most interesting one is a new spaceship – Starborn Runner. Of course, you would like to take it for a spin, and here you will learn how to obtain this vessel.

How to get Starborn Runner in NMS

Developers from Hello Games, even though not great in numbers, do not stop putting a lot of effort into providing NMS with fresh content. The new, free expedition entitled Omega, brings many exciting changes to the game, but also adds a lot of items to play with. The biggest attraction, however, is undoubtedly the new Starborn Runner ship.

The conditions to get it are straightforward, but that doesn’t mean it’s simple. All you have to do is complete the Omega expedition, also called expedition 12. The new ship is the ultimate reward for finishing all the phases offered in this content expansion.

It can take some time and effort, but it is worth it, as this unique vessel not only has stunning looks, but also has some interesting properties like hovering above solid planes. Not to mention, it is a great way to show off that you have successfully completed the whole journey.

Let’s hope that this is not the last we hear from Hello Games regarding NMS, as it can be clearly seen that they have a huge passion for what they do, and they do it amazingly well!

Aleksander Kartasinski

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