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News guides 16 February 2024, 02:39

No Man's Sky Omega Expedition - How to Find Airless Planet in NMS

Do you have a quest related to Airless Planet in NMS, yet don't know how to find it? We've included tips to help you with this task in our guide!

Source: No Man's Sky, developer: Hello Games

No Man’s Sky is an open-world sci-fi game that was released eight years ago. Despite the long time on the market, the developers continue to surprise with how much they focus on its development. Proof of this is the recent update - Omega. In addition to many fresh features that will please old-timers, the title's expedition and free weekend may also encourage new players to try the game. Space exploration can be, however, a bit complicated at first, especially when it comes to finding a specific type of planets, such as Airless. In our guide, we'll explain how to find them and what their characteristics are.

NMS Omega Expedition – Grand Tour Milestone, How to Find Airless Planet?

If you are looking for an Airless Planet around February 2024, there is a high chance that you want to complete Grand Tour Milestone and you have to photograph different environments.

To complete this task, it is enough to visit planets in the Expedition’s starting system. You should find all 3 of them without many problems. Land on them and do a photograph of the landscape. It should progress the quest.

Remember though, that you have to do pictures using in-game camera, not for example, a screenshot button on a controller.

How to Find Airless Planet in general

A planet without any atmosphere, can be difficult to find, especially in the early stages of the game. Their appearance is somewhat rarer than standard planets, although still possible.

How can we easily find out if a planet is the one we are looking for without landing on it? There are several tips for you! First, we recommend checking its type by scanning it. If you find that the information there includes at least one of the following, it means that there is a good chance of hitting Airless Planet:

  1. Abandoned,
  2. Airless (the best one, obviously),
  3. Dead,
  4. Desolate,
  5. Empty,
  6. Forsaken,
  7. Life-Incompatible,
  8. Lifeless,
  9. Low Atmosphere,
  10. Terraforming Catastrophe.

However, this still does not guarantee that such a planet must be Airless. The second indicator is that if it does not have any plant resources (such as Star Bulb, Gamma Root or Solanium), there is a good chance that this is the place you are looking for.

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