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News hardware & software 06 December 2019, 15:32

author: Laty

Opera on Android Will Introduce Night Mode on All Websites

For years, smartphone users have been waiting for the night mode to be available on all websites. One of the most desirable features will be introduced to the latest version of Opera on Android. The main advantage of the night mode is that users do not tire their eyes so much when using the phone at night.

Not only does it look nice, but it also saves battery life and is easy on your eyes.

One of the features of what is probably the last update for the Opera browser this year is the night mode, which will soon hit Android smartphones. Although Opera previously offered the possibility of surfing in night mode, the feature is now fully customizable, so everyone will be able to choose the settings according to their own preferences. The mode works on all websites, even those that don't have a night mode. At first glance, its main advantage is that we don't tire our eyes as much as we do when we look at the bright screen when we use the smartphone at night. But that's not the only plus. Many tests have already shown that night mode saves a lot of battery power.

This is how the personalization options look like in the night mode.

Users will be able to configure, among other things, intensity and temperature of the color. All this separately for the search bar, keyboard and of course the website body itself. The update was created primarily for the coming winter months.

"With only a few hours of sunlight each day, we noticed that most of today’s devices’ automatic brightness settings cannot go dark enough, often disturbing everyone’s circadian rhythms. We decided to fix this issue with our browser. This version of Opera allows you to suppress blue light and go super dark," says Stefan Stjernenlund, responsible for marketing of Opera on Android.

Opera spoils Android users by giving them more and more new features - in March they were able to use VPN with 256-bit encryption. Unfortunately, the Touch version, designed for iOS, is far behind, so we don't know anything about plans to introduce night mode on Apple smartphones.

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