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News Files and Mods 07 January 2022, 13:52

author: Adrian Werner

Sand of Siberia Mod Original War Version 1.5.2 Launches With New Missions

Sand of Siberia, the biggest mod for the RTS Original War, has received an update. It introduces additional missions to the new story campaigns.

  1. Missions 5-9 in Ares campaign;
  2. First four missions from the Russian campaign;
  3. Thorough rework of the American campaign.

Original War is an warmly-remembered RTS game for many players. Fans should be interested in the information that a few days ago a new version of the excellent project Sand of Siberia, the largest mod for this strategy game, has been released.

The latest update was marked as 1.5.2. The last major update was version 1.5.0, but after its release two new build were quickly made available, fixing bugs detected by players and developers.

New edition of Sand of Siberia brings many long-awaited changes. First of all, new missions have been introduced to the game - we received the first four maps from the Russian campaign and levels 5-9 from the Arabian campaign of the Ares faction. In addition, the creators have thoroughly reworked the entire American campaign, introducing numerous improvements and additional features.

The developers have also confirmed that they are still working on the Arabian Freelancer campaign which will eventually offer twenty missions. In it, we will play the role of a commander named Louis Schulz, who will be hired by sheikhs in order to lead a ragtag bunch of mercenaries into battle.

Recall that in addition to the campaigns, Sand of Siberia offers also a large set of maps for single battles in skirmish mode. The project also significantly improves the game's AI, thanks to which it builds bases more efficiently, is able to defend itself more effectively and generally makes playing against it more interesting. Moreover, the mod adds new weapons, animations, sound effects and improves the interface.

  1. Original War: Sand of Siberia - download page
  2. Sand of Siberia - official website
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