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News video games 22 April 2021, 14:47

author: Qskan

Outriders Players Will Get Compensated for Lost Items

Outriders, despite great sales results, was not free of many technical issues, including a serious bug causing the loss of equipment. Today we know that players will recover lost items, some of then even in better condition than they lost them.

  1. The devs of Outriders announced a plan to restore lost equipment to players;
  2. Items will return to their owners in the same or even better condition thanks to the added God Roll values;
  3. Players have been divided into 3 groups depending on the harm they suffered and will be rewarded according to them.

A week ago Outriders received a patch fixing a serious problem causing player equipment to disappear. The patch fulfilled its task and the problem of lost items finally subsided, which means that the developers took up the task of eliminating the effects of the unpleasant bug.

Yesterday, a Square Enix representative announced the details of the inventory restoration plan on Reddit, which is designed to not only return lost items to players, but even improve some of them even:

"Items granted will have the same attribute combinations but with God Roll values. This means that these items will be at least the same if not better quality than the originally lost items. Items will be granted at the character’s highest available equip level taking World Tiers and Challenge Tiers into consideration."

The developers have divided players into three groups:

  1. Group A: unplayable characters with lost equipment. The largest number of sufferers are in this bracket.
  2. Group B: character who has lost equipment but is still playable. These players are fewer in number and more difficult to identify.
  3. Group C: players who have not been affected by the bug, but need to be monitored so that the recovery of items by others does not affect them.

Each group will have a different mode of item recovery (except for unaffected players). For example: in group A, all equipment items will be recovered regardless of rarity, including legendary items. Group B will recover up to 20 legendary items.

Despite the lack of a specific date, developers promise to deal with the problem as soon as possible. They add that when dealing with an operation of this type and on such a large scale, it is necessary to make sure that rewarding some players will not be at the expense of others. More information about the details of the operation can be found here.



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