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News video games 11 April 2021, 17:36

author: Hubert Sledziewski

Outriders Players Continue to Lose Gear, Threaten to Drop the Game

An update has been released for Outriders recently, which was supposed to improve the game balance and fix some bugs, including the one that caused the disappearance of player equipment. However, the latter has not been completely eliminated.

Outriders from People Can Fly turned out to be an absolute bestseller on Steam in the first week after release. Even the devs were surprised by the game's popularity. The success of the shooter was diminished by a number of technical issues - especially one that caused players to lose the equipment their characters had acquired during the game. Developers quickly responded and yesterday we got the first major patch... which did not remove the annoying bug.

A sea of posts from frustrated players quickly appeared in a thread dedicated to the title on Reddit. Here are some examples:

"Everything gone, 94 hours lost, almost complete build lost, this is a joke."

"30 years gaming and never have I spent 50+ hours in a game to be wiped with nothing. Looks like I encountered the dreadful gear wipe bug."

"My stash was wiped. Thought it would be the safest place to keep my gear fearing an inventory wipe. 50+ legendaries and epic god rolls gone. That too was my final straw. Even playing solo isn’t safe for your gear. Never have I tried so hard to like a game despite it being so broken. But I am now done."

"I'm done too, for a dozen reasons. Being afraid of losing progress is among them.

But I'm going to continue to stick around their social media presence because they don't deserve to sit in a hugbox made out of dev worshipping fucktards while this $60 game I paid for is in this state.

This isn't some F2P bullshit that people will just drop, at least outside of gamepass users.".

Players' anger seems to be fully justified and hardly surprising. The devs promised to carry out an action of restoring lost items, as well as compensation in the form of packages with legendary equipment, but if it goes on, they may not have anyone to give them to.

A rapid outflow of players, especially from broken titles, is nothing new - think of the release of Cyberpunk 2077. In the case of People Can Fly's title, it may be partly due to the game's presence on Xbox Game Pass. Let's hope that the studio will quickly stem the flood and limit the losses - otherwise the game's title (OUTriders) may take on a new meaning.



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