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News video games 24 March 2021, 15:02

author: Ewelina Krzykala

Paradise Lost Launches Today on PC and Consoles

Paradise Lost by PolyAmorous launches today. It's an interesting adventure game telling a story of never-ending war and a twelve years-old protagonist who has to find his way.

  1. Paradise Lost is an adventure game whose main character is the twelve-year-old Szymon. The world seen from his perspective is a city destroyed by nuclear war and underground German bunkers;
  2. While wandering the ruined city and hidden Nazi outposts, the players make decisions that affect the further fate of world. There are several endings;
  3. The game is aimed at PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but thanks to backward compatibility also Xbox Series X/S and PS5 owners can play it.

Paradise Lost is another promising Polish project. The recent trailer shows a devastated rendition of Warsaw from the 1980s, which has become one big contamination zone. It turns out that the Second World War lasted much longer than it did in reality and for two consecutive decades the city was rained upon by nuclear bombs. This is the world in which a group of survivors live, including a boy name Szymon and his mother. The game, as announced, launched today.

The adventure game by Warsaw-based PolyAmorous studio is an interesting marriage of second-war German technology and Slavic folk, which smoothly intertwine in the game's locations. The game features clunky machines, laboratories and rooms where Third Reich technologists conducted experiments, but we can also wander a bit through dense forests or climatic crossroads typical of Polish demonology.

A curious and somewhat naive boy faces a dystopian world in which humanity had to hide in the underground. However, the further fate of history depends on his decisions. There are several posssible endings in the game, and each chosen path requires a lot of commitment. Many items won't work without proper manipulation, there are also a lot of puzzles to solve. For further details, be sure to check out our review

Paradise Lost is a single player game. The PC edition is already available on Steam and

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Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost

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