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News video games 20 August 2023, 14:18

author: Kamil Kleszyk

New PoE Expansion Takes Us to Beyond, Where Valuable Rewards Await

Developers from Grinding Gear Games have released the Trial of the Ancestors expansion for Path of Exile. For the time being, it's available only on PC.

Source: Grinding Gear Games

Although Grinding Gear Games' greatest attention is currently Path of Exile 2, the developers are not forgetting about further development of the first installment of the action RPG series. Proof of this is the next expansion, which is already available for the PC version of PoE (it will hit consoles on August 23).

  1. From the information published on the game's website we learn that in Trial of the Ancestors - because that is the title of the DLC - players will travel to the Underworld, where they will take part in a tournament called Trial of the Ancestors. Competing against the fallen chiefs of the Karui tribes, we will form our own team of warriors.
  2. In each match, guided by the reward, players can choose the tribe they will compete against. Players influence the configuration of the enemy team's battlefield and the strategic placement of their warriors. Victory belongs to whoever destroys the opponent's totems.
  3. Winning battles will yield "valuable rewards." In addition to a number of standard items, we can get our hands on several exclusive trophies. One of them are tattoos. Their use will change the effect of attribute skills on the passive tree.
  4. In turn for winning the entire tournament we will receive the so-called Omens, which provide us with additional skills. The player can use only one Omen for each combat area.
  5. In addition for defeating each of the ten Karui tribes, we receive an unique item it guarded, containing the essence of the tribe.
  6. The developers also assure that the balance of Forbidden Sanctum has been improved to "provide a greater variety of mechanics and monsters" that we will encounter.

If you want to know more details related to the DLC, I refer you to this page. In turn, below you can watch a trailer presenting Trial of the Ancestors in action.

  1. Path of Exile - official website

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