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News video games 03 November 2022, 16:17

author: Damian Gacek

Persona 5 Royal - SP recovery items

SP is very important in Persona 5 Royal. Therefore, in this guide we will tell you how to recover SP. It is needed to use many special attacks of your Personas.

In Persona 5 Royal, each character has an SP gauge. This is the energy used for many special attacks. However, it depletes over time and must be renewed. You can do this through a number of items. In this guide, we will tell you how to best stock up on SP recovery items.

Enemies and exploration

Enemies are a very important source of SP recovering items. After defeating an enemy, there is a chance that you will receive some. In addition, if you manage to stun a shadow and get it to negotiate, you can obtain an item from it. Thanks to this, you can get something to strengthen your SP.

In addition, open chests whenever the opportunity arises. There can be powerful items to strengthen SP in them, too.

Vending machines

Persona 5 Royal - SP recovery items - picture #1

Some vending machines offer items to supplement SP. Unfortunately, don't expect great effects from them - they only heal 5 points. On top of that, there is a limit to how many you can buy from a given machine (4 in total). The stock renews every Monday.

Coffee and Curry

If you develop your relationship with Sojiro Sakura (Hierophant Confidant) at Cafe Leblanc, he will teach you how to make coffee (Rank 2) and curry (Rank 4). However, this takes time!


You will find this NPC in Mementos. For flowers you collect while exploring this realm, you can buy various things from Jose. Among them are items that regenerate SP.


Persona 5 Royal - SP recovery items - picture #2

In the fight for full SP, your priority should be to improve your relationship with doctor Tae Takemi (Death confindant) – you will meet her at Cafe Leblanc. If you achieve rank 5 with her, you will be able to buy special accessories - SP Adhesive, which will renew your SP a bit every turn. The best of them cost 100,000; however, they are worth it. You can also wait until rank 7. Then you will receive a 50% discount.

Damian Gacek

Damian Gacek

Graduate of English Philology and English in Public Communication. He started his professional career as an English teacher. A member of Gamepressure since 2019. During this time, he has been writing for various departments. Currently, he mainly covers guides and occasionally supports the newsroom. He has been interested in electronic entertainment since childhood. When he was younger, he wrote a scientific article on video game translations. An enthusiast of RPGs and strategies, he also frequently dives into the depths of indie games. In his spare time, he is working on a book and learning film editing.


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