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News video games 05 November 2020, 19:11

author: Adrian Werner

Phasmophobia Gets Extended Early Access and Loses PvP

The creator of the hit horror game Phasmophobia reported that early access will take longer than planned, as the success of the game increased his ambitions for its development. The idea of PvP mode was abandoned.

  • Extended early access period;
  • More new content than originally planned;
  • No PvP mode;
  • Fixes first, new elements later.

One of the striking phenomena of recent weeks turned out to be the horror game Phasmophobia. The success of the game was so great that it forced a change of development strategy in early access. The developer responsible for the project, Dknighter, revealed plans for the future of the game in an interview with IGN.

It's the author's debut game (Kinetic Games is a one-man studio), and he didn't expect such success. He expected that shortly after the launch there may be around 500 people on the servers, and then the player numbers will wane. In reality, the game has sold over 2 million copies, and the current activity record is 112 thousand people.

Early access period was originally supposed to be very short. The creator only wanted to introduce a handful of additional maps, items and ghost types. However, the great popularity of Phasmophobia sent the expectations of players through the roof and Dknighter must become more ambitious about the future of the project.

Unfortunately, the creator did not reveal any details. From his words one can only conclude that early access will take longer and that the game's content will become more extensive than originally planned. Currently, however, Dknighter focuses on bug fixing. The next update is to offer a big progress in this matter, as well as increase the stability of the game.

Only after the improving the technical aspects of the project website will the author focus on expanding the content. New elements are to be added in groups, in big updates. Dknighter also intends to pay a lot of attention to the balance of the game.

Plans to add PvP mode, where one of the players would control the ghost,have been abandoned. The developer decided that this option would be too different from the rest of the game. Phasmophobia enables four people to face one AI-controlled character and the development of the project will focus on expanding these foundations.

Let us recall that the game was released on September 18. Phasmophobia is available in Steam's Early Access exclusively for PC.

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