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News video games 07 September 2023, 14:36

author: Jan Kopacz

Remnant 2 With Official Potato Mode for Weak PCs

Remnant 2 will soon receive an update that, among other things, will add a new mode for weak PCs and introduce numerous gameplay improvements.

Source: Gunfire Games

Gunfire Games has announced that any day now we will see a new update to Remnant II. The patch will most likely debut this week and will bring many anticipated changes.

  1. The update will introduce the ability to switch targeting and sprint modes. We will decide for ourselves whether they will require holding down the buttons continuously or just tapping them.
  2. A so-called Potato Mode will be added - a special mode with very low graphics settings for those with weak PCs.
  3. On PC, there will be an option to enable icons from PlayStation (useful when playing on DualShock and DualSense gamepads).
  4. The ability to disassemble weapons into parts to recover materials will be introduced.
  5. A bug causing incorrect distribution of items between team members will be fixed in the cooperative mode.
  6. The engineer class will gain the ability to activate the Mist Dash skill, and will receive a bug fix related to incorrect loss of stamina when dodging.
  7. A number of changes will also be made regarding in-game enemies.
  8. We can also expect numerous bug fixes regarding weapons, modifications and items.

Remnant II made its debut on July 25 on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. The game proved to be a major success, receiving high activity scores on Steam and garnering good reviews from industry media.

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Remnant II

Remnant II

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