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News video games 22 August 2021, 21:00

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Resident Evil: Village Will Get Another Performance Patch on PC

Resident Evil: Village will get another performance update on PC. This time Capcom took care of, among others, problems with launching the game on some processors.

Capcom once again attempts to improve performance in the PC release of Resident Evil Village. The game will soon get another patch, which, as stated on Twitter, is supposed to fix a bug that prevents the new RE from running on PCs with certain processors. The patch will be made available on Tuesday, August 24.

Capcom is also promising a minor fix for "certain graphics processes," but no details are yet available. Perhaps this time it will fix the performance issues that have plagued the PC release since launch. As a reminder: the players have noticed that Resident Evil: Village on PC has suffered from occasional drops in animation fluidity, which are inconsistent with what is happening on screen. Funnily enough, these problems are not present in the... illegal no-DRM version of the eight installment, which once again sparked discussions about the possible impact of DRM solutions on game performance (confirmed by Capcom). Since then the PC version of RE: Village has received subsequent updates, although so far the "glitch" has not been completely removed.

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