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News video games 29 April 2022, 12:19

author: Adam Adamczyk

Rogue Legacy 2 - Best Classes

There are many character classes available in Rogue Legacy 2. In this guide you will learn which ones are the best.

Source: Steam | Rogue Legacy 2

Rogue Legacy 2 has finally received version 1.0, which means it's out of the early access phase. The game is rapidly gaining popularity and it's hardly surprising, because this seemingly inconspicuous roguelike offers very pleasant gameplay, interesting mechanics and various character classes. In this guide we present some of the best of them.

Rogue Legacy 2 - best character classes

  1. Chef

Chef is a very distinctive class, wielding one of the most impractical weapons in video games - the frying pan. In this case, however, this weapon is extremely effective as it has a decent amount of power and triggers the Chef's passive ability, which sets enemies on fire and deals additional damage. The character is also able to deflect projectiles, which is invaluable since the game has no shortage of enemies that use ranged attacks. Among the class perks, it is also worth mentioning a talent called Stew, which can restore a significant amount of health and mana to the player. With excellent survivability and good damage, the Chef is one of the best characters in the game. The only drawback of the cook's weapon is its slow startup.

  1. Valkyrie

Valkyrie's weapon, the Fauchard, has a decent range and can attack in four directions, which enables her to occasionally hit enemies through walls and floors. The Deflect talent is also one of the best in the game as it destroys projectiles and deals damage to enemies, plus it recharges instantly if used to destroy projectiles.

  1. Ronin

Ronin does a lot of damage with his katana, which hits enemies on the end of its blade. Due to this mechanic, Ronin is able to maintain a safe distance while dealing high damage. His angle of attack is admittedly somewhat limited, as he cannot reach directly above or below the player. However, this lack of visibility is compensated for by Ronin's talent, Immortal Kotetsu. This is an attack in which the character pushes against the opponent and it can be launched in any direction, dealing damage to all enemies in its path. When used, the skill's cooldown resets if an enemy is killed with it.

  1. Knight

The Knight is one of the most common classes. His sword has a large attack area. The Shield block talent is very useful as it enables the player to reduce damage and send out a shockwave that destroys projectiles, dealing damage to enemies and leaving them defenseless, making any damage dealt an automatic critical hit. The Knight is a good choice if you are just starting out and want to get a good feel for the game's mechanics.

  1. Boxer

The Boxer is a strange class and a somewhat non-obvious choice. His weapon, the boxing gloves, attack instantly and accumulates combo counter. Unfortunately, the disadvantage is that his quick blows require the player to stay still. The biggest and most reliable source of damage for the Boxer is his talent, Knockout punch, which attacks opponents over a wide area, depending on the accumulated combo number, and causes opponents to bump into each other, walls or projectiles, receiving extra damage on impact.

For those who like challenges

Bard is certainly not the best choice to start with. His weapon is a lute that fires a note that deals damage as it passes through enemies and then stays in place, pulsing and dealing damage to anyone nearby. Overall damage is low, and it takes several seconds to get critical attacks, making the bard's weapon not seem very satisfying. The talent of this class, Crescendo, deals damage to enemies over a wide area and turns projectiles into Roses that can be deflected.

Rogue Legacy 2

Rogue Legacy 2

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