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News video games 04 May 2022, 11:58

author: Adam Adamczyk

Rogue Legacy 2 Heirlooms - How to Find Them?

In Rogue Legacy 2, you can obtain several powerful items known as heirlooms. In this guide you will learn how to find them and what powers they offer.

Source: Steam | Rogue Legacy 2

Rogue Legacy 2 storms the popularity charts and still holds a high position on the bestseller list on Steam. The game impresses with its gameplay, mechanics and characteristic humor. In Rogue Legacy 2 we will find powerful items known as heirlooms. In this guide you will learn how to get them.

Rogue Legacy 2 Heirlooms

  1. Ananke's Shawl

Ananke's Shawl is one of the first heirlooms you will find in Rogue Legacy 2. It can be obtained as part of the game's tutorial. You will find the item by the statue in Citadel Agartha. Interact with the statue and complete the challenge to get the power. Ananke's Shawl enables the players to perform jumps in the air, which is extremely useful for crossing platforms and dodging enemy attacks. It is also required to access the boss room with Estuary Lamech.

  1. Aesop's Tome

Aesop's Tome is also located in Citadel Agartha. After interacting with the corresponding statue, you will be taken to the next challenge room. Aesop's Tome enables you to read memories and calm nightmares that can be found throughout the kingdom.

  1. Echo's Boots

Echo's Boots can be obtained almost immediately upon reaching Axis Mundi and are usually needed later in the game. When you first arrive at Axis Mundi, go down the ramp and out through the gate. You will then come across a sizable gap with a torch that you can perform a Spin Kick on. Going back to the previous room, you'll see that there are lanterns above, which you can use to get to the upper right corner of the room. There you will find the door to the tower - climb it and jump down the left side to reach the statue. Echo's Boots give the player the ability to perform a Spin Kick from Resonant platforms, and also reset the Air Dash after performing a Spin Kick.

  1. Aether's Wings

Aether's Wings gives the player the ability to make a second jump. To get to this artifact, Echo's Boots are required. At the end of the Far Shores area on Kerguelen Plateau, you can use Spin Kicks to get across the water. Head to the other side and you'll find a statue - interact with it to start the challenge. Now just get to the end using the double jump.

  1. Pallas' Void Bell

Pallas' Void Bell is another heirloom that is very useful in platforming elements. It turns the standard Dash into a Void Dash, significantly extending its effect. Void Bell can be found randomly in the Stygian Study, so keep your eyes peeled. This heirloom is important because it is required to access many areas in Sun Tower and Pishon Dry Lake. The item is also very useful in some boss fights.

  1. Theia's Sun Lantern

Theia's Sun Lantern is required to access Pishon Dry Lake. To get it, you must defeat Estuary Irad in the Sun Tower. Once you do that, head to the Pishon Dry Lake region under Citadel Agartha. There you will encounter the Nameless Knight, who will give you the Sun Lantern. It will increase your light radius and enable you to traverse the region.

  1. Gilgamesh's Anchor

The last heirloom is Gilgamesh's Anchor. It enables the player to interact with Binding Stones. These are only present during the game's ending sequence and do not appear elsewhere. The final heirloom is found beyond the Golden Doors.


Here's the complete list of all heirlooms:

  1. Ananke's Shawl
  2. Aesop's Tome
  3. Echo's Boots
  4. Aether's Wings
  5. Pallas' Void Bell
  6. Theia's Sun Lantern
  7. Gilgamesh's Anchor
Rogue Legacy 2

Rogue Legacy 2

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