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News video games 28 April 2022, 13:28

author: Adam Adamczyk

Dune: Spice Wars - All Factions and Their Bonuses

Dune: Spice Wars enables us to choose one of four factions. Check out what are their special points and what are the benefits of choosing them.

Source: Steam | Dune: Spice Wars

Dune: Spice Wars is in Early Access and is gaining popularity among players at an accelerating rate. Extensive mechanics enable us to conduct conquests in many ways, depending on which faction we have chosen. It is worth knowing, what characterizes each of them and what bonuses are assigned to them.

House Atreides

House Atreides is a standard faction, offering decent military support options, as well as a more peaceful style of play if you value diplomacy and economics. Peaceful annexation enables the player to build strong and large empires, while receiving plenty of early reinforcements through Landsraad. Alternatively, you can build a sprawling empire and use villages for manpower and military functions, or bet on an economic style and manipulate the trade to your advantage. This is a more beginner-friendly faction, which offers a wide range of flexible play styles.


  1. Peaceful annexation allows non-military takeover of neutral villages;
  2. Higher Landsraad rank and therefore more votes, making it easier to vote on resolutions;
  3. Neutral villages cannot be plundered;
  4. At 5000 hegemony points, the player gains 10% Solari when having a positive Landsraad resolution, or 105 military power when having a negative resolution.

House of Harkonnen

House Harkonnen's play style is largely based on military conquest. The ideal gameplay is to conquer land and manage water resources. This way you can build military power and oppress villages as you go to battle with other factions in the middle and later stages of the game. It is worth using this mechanic to your advantage every time you defend or attack an enemy faction. Doing so will give you the benefit of military power that few factions can compete with, except in certain situations or Landsraad's military buffers.


  1. You can use the "oppression" ability on Harkonnen villages;
  2. 5% of the village's resource production for each active militia;
  3. -10% of village resource production;
  4. At 5 hegemony points, when one village in the valley is oppressed, it gains 10% unit power and 100% agent recruitment speed;
  5. At 10000 points of hegemony an agent can be assigned to a mission to reduce its cost and preparation time. The agent is then sacrificed.


Smugglers are a faction that relies heavily on manipulating the economy. The two main play styles are to find regions where you can produce a lot of water, and generate Solari. It is then a good idea to use these resources to build headquarters and take lessons from your opponents. You can also create buildings that will suck up resources, collecting them until you successfully attack a village. It's a good idea to capture as many villages as possible at the beginning of the game, and then infiltrate your opponent's settlements mid-game by building a strong economy beforehand.


  1. You can create underworld headquarters in enemy villages;
  2. Landsraad resolution rewards can be placed;
  3. Improved interactions and options are available in the Arrakis Black Market;
  4. Limited access to the Landsraad;
  5. At 5000 hegemony points, contraband offers can be unlocked and 50 votes and Landsraad can be earned;
  6. At 10000 hegemony points you can train mercenaries who receive 20% power, are bought for gold and trained extremely fast.


Fremen are a more flexible faction. In their case, you can win with an army or by using sand worms to outwit your opponent. It is best to make conquests only late in the game to gain additional military power when you already have a much larger hegemony. This will help destroy your opponent's empire and thus their economy. You can also play things diplomatically and try to defeat your enemy by befriending them on their borders.


  1. Military units have -30% of daily supply consumption;
  2. Limited access to Landsraat;
  3. At 5000 points of Hegemony, thumpers are generated passively and attract larger sand worms that travel further;
  4. At 10 hegemony points military units gain power depending on your hegemony (up to 2-% at 25000 points).
Dune: Spice Wars

Dune: Spice Wars

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