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author: Agnes Adamus

Sea of Stars - How to Get Traders Signet

Are you looking for the Trader's Signet in Sea of Stars? Here you will find information on how to get it.

Source: Sea of Stars, developer: Sabotage Studio

Sea of Stars is an RPG inspired by classic 16-bit games. During the adventure you will encounter many unusual people and acquire various interesting items. One of them, Trader's Signet, will unlock access to the trader.. In this guide you will learn how to find it.

How to get the Mine Key?

Trader's Signet is an item quiute difficult to obtain. This is because it requires a series of specific actions. First of all, you must go to Wind Tunnel Mines. You will find the entrance to this dungeon in Stonemasons Outpost.

Once you enter the mine, you will have to find two items:

  1. Mistral Bracelet - at a certain stage of exploration you will come across a bonfire. To its right you will find a green crystal and a descent down. Jump down and head up the ladder. This way you will reach the chest with the wanted item.
  2. Mine Key - Mistral Bracelet enables you to move objects, and this will open up many new possibilities for you. Therefore, go further along the corridors until you reach a dead end with a crystal in the middle. At its end there is a high shelf. Move the stone against the wall and climb up. Keep walking until you reach the room you've seen before. Place the crystal in the right place so that it forms a path to the green chest located on the rock shelf. Inside you will find the key.

How to get the Traders Key in Sea of Stars?

Once you get the Mine Key, you can head to the only locked door in the mine, you will find it near the entrance to the mine. Open them and follow the unlocked path. At some point you will reach a puzzle with two columns.

  1. First you have to place one of the columns on the trapdoor, this will cause the wall to rise.
  2. In the hole in the middle of the room put the second crystal. Then head to the cave below.
  3. Now there is nothing left for you to do but to move the column so that it forms a passage to the chest in which the Traders Key is located.

What do you need the Trader's Signet for in Sea of Stars?

Trader's Signet is an item you must give to the trader in Brisk. This will unlock a secret store located in the city's docks. Go there and jump into the water. Now head left to the overhanging pier. Swim under it until you reach the cave. You are on the spot.

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Agnes Adamus

Agnes Adamus

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