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News video games 08 March 2021, 21:28

author: Ness

Six Days in Fallujah Will Touch on Politics, Publisher Changes Stance

The publisher of Six Days in Fallujah changes its approach to dealing with difficult and political topics. In a statement on Twitter, the creators informed that the game will feature representatives from both sides of the conflict.

The game about the war in Iraq, which aroused controversy from the very announcement, that is Six Days in Fallujah, once again found itself in the spotlight. Today, Victura, the company responsible for the revival of the project, issued a statement that refers to the comment by its head - Peter Tamte. Less than three weeks ago, he said that their game would not touch on political and controversial topics, such as the use of white phosphorus by the US military, among other things. This spawned a number of critical comments, so it is hardly surprising that the content of today's statement is completely different.

Here's the statement that appeared on the publisher's twitter account.

The story behind Six Days in Fallujah goes back to April 2009. Back then, Konami announced a game that would tell the story of the events surrounding the invasion of Iraq. Atomic Games was responsible for its creation. However, after a ton of controversy, the Japanese company decided not to publish this title. 12 years later, the project was resurrected by Victura - a company founded by the former director of Atomic Games. The game, developed by Highwire Games, is to be released this year on PCs and selected consoles.

Six Days in Fallujah

Six Days in Fallujah

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