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News video games 11 February 2021, 19:12

author: Karol Laska

Work Resumes on Six Days in Fallujah After 11-year Break

The ambitious project titled Six Days in Fallujah has been resurrected after 11 years. The game about the beginnings of war in Iraq just received a cinematic trailer.

  1. A controversial shooter about the war in Iraq, the development of which was suspended 11 years ago;
  2. A project created in cooperation with war veterans and based on archival materials.

Today's trailer for a game suspended 11 years ago came as quite a surprise. Six Days in Fallujah, as the game is titled, is coming back and it looks like it will launch this year (on PC and selected consoles).

This game is an ambitious shooter, which takes on a historical theme, focusing on one of the most turbulent moments of the war in Iraq - the Battle of Fallujah. The title is being developed in cooperation with veterans who were at the front in those days. Based on their words, as well as archival materials, the devs are creating a work that is supposed to reflect 100% of the unpleasant feelings associated with being on the battlefield. Earlier it was planned as a TPP game, but now we know that the game's final shape will be adopt FPP convention.

The very fact of revitalization of this project is something unexpected. Let's go back to April 2010, when Konami had withdrawn support for Atomic Games due to the sensitive subject matter covered by Six Days in Fallujah. Since then, no one has been willing to provide the developers with the necessary resources to complete the game.

This time, the company formed by former Atomic Games CEO Peter Tamte, Vicura, is responsible for resurrecting the title. Development of the game has been outsourced to devs from Highwire Games (the studio founded by the co-authors of the Destiny and Halo series from Bungie) - people who can currently boast an interesting PlayStation VR project under the title Golem (via Eurogamer). Seeing who is at the helm of Six Days in Fallujah, we don't expect another cancelation.

  1. Six Days in Fallujah on Steam
  2. Highwire Games - official website
Six Days in Fallujah

Six Days in Fallujah

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