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News video games 22 December 2022, 16:55

author: Adrian Werner

This is How You Make Sims Out of Skyrim; Impressive Mod List

Mods are wonderful. With them, for example, you can remake Skyrim to resemble The Sims.

Can The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition be remade with mods to make the game resemble The Sims? This was the question asked by a fan of the first of the former brand on Reddit. Helpful players answered to their best ability.

The fan was referred to a popular video by the Mern channel, which shows what this could look like. You can watch the video below.

With modifications, the characters in Skyrim can gain a variety of needs (using Mini Needs) that have to be satisfied. Fan projects such as MoodMod, also enable you to equip in-game characters with personality traits and mood mechanics similar to those found in The Sims , which are affected by what our hero or heroine does. It is also possible to increase the expressiveness of characters (thanks to EVG Conditional Idles, Eating Animations and Sounds and CIWM) and providing them with employment (Jobs of Skyrim). In turn ORomance offers extensive romance options with NPCs.

As you can see, Skyrim works quite well as a fantasy counterpart to The Sims. Getting such an end result, however, requires a lot of work. To achieve it, Mern installed more than twenty mods, including:

  1. Mini Needs
  2. MoodMod:
  3. Conditional Expressions:
  4. EVG Conditional Idles:
  5. Eating Animations and Sounds:
  6. CIWM:
  7. Hearthfire Extended:
  9. Windstad Mine:
  10. Heljarchen Farm:
  11. Jobs of Skyrim:
  12. Missives:
  13. Headhunter:
  14. Become a Bard:
  15. ORomance:
  16. Fertility Mode:
  17. Fertility Mode v3 Fixes and Tweaks:
  18. Fertility Adventures:
  19. RS Children:
  20. Lively Children Animations:
  21. Umbrael - High Poly Dark Elf Racemenu Preset
  22. Umbrael's Umbrage - 3BA Bodyslide Preset
  23. Wind Ruler Armor SE

Reworking Skyrim into something like Sims is time-consuming, but the very fact that it can be attempted with reasonable results at all shows just how impressive a modding community this Bethesda hit has. One can only hope that in the case of Starfield we will get the same.

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