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News Files and Mods 04 October 2021, 14:17

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

New Skyrim Mod Lets You Start Game With Experienced Character

Skyrim lived to see a mod that facilitates another return to the game. Thanks to it we don't have to progress our character from scratch anymore.

  • A Skyrim mod called You Are Not A Novice as appeared on the web;
  • It enables us to start the game with a character who has some experience;
  • The mod enables us to choose one of twelve character classes, which have appropriate sets of skills.

Do you also get tired of tedious leveling up after starting a new playthrough in Skyrim? Learning how to shoot a bow or use shield may have been fun the first time around, but after hundreds of hours of gameplay it's just another chore. Instead, you often wish you could just jump into the action or start exploring caves without worrying about your level.

Until now, Skyrim veterans have had a simple solution to this problem. At the beginning of the game, they would increase their level using the player.advlevel code. Then they chose the skills they were interested in and set off on a journey across the snowy peaks. Unfortunately, this method is also quite tedious. In addition, it does not quite fit in the immersion.

Fortunately, the creators of mods for Bethesda's game noticed the problem and decided to solve it. The fruit of these efforts is the mod called You Are Not A Novice. It enables our charcter to have some experience in a plot-friendly way, so we no longers tart as a talentless person who learns everything on the fly.

Instead, after installing the mod players can choose one of twelve predefined character classes, which have the appropriate skills. Each of them has three main and three minor skills. Among the character templates we can find a barbarian, a rogue, a mage, a warrior and many others.

Players who intend to restart their adventure with Skyrim should be interested in the aforementioned mod. It will certainly allow them to engage faster in their favorite tasks and activities.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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