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News hardware & software 30 September 2019, 21:57

author: Agnes Adamus

Sony Creates Its Own Version of Google Assistant on PlayStation

Sony is working on its own intelligent assistant. Information about Sony's new patent, PlayStation Assist voice alarm system, has appeared on the Internet. It is supposed to help us in difficult moments, proposing solutions to a given problem.

PlayStation consoles may get their own voice assistant.

Sony is trying to create its own smart assistant, similar to Google Assistant or Alexa from Amazon. It will be called PlayStation Assist and will be intended to help us during the game.

The information comes from a patent, the details of which have been made available on the Internet. They suggest that PlayStation Assist is here to help us through difficult moments in the game. If we face a powerful opponent, we can ask the assistant about the optimal strategy. In addition, Sony's voice help will be able to show us the secrets hidden in a given title and provide quest details. The whole system is to recognize text and voice messages, and its operation is illustrated by images attached to the document.

Additionally, the patent also mentions a mobile application. It will enable us to obtain basic information about the game. We will learn from it, among other things, how much time we spent in a given title and what achievements we have unlocked.

However, it should be remembered that this is only a patent. So there is no certainty that Sony will decide to develop the project further and will actually introduce PlayStation Assist to its consoles.

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