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News video games 21 September 2022, 12:21

author: Jakub Tarchala

Star Citizen Raised Half a Billion Dollars

Fundraising for Star Citizen is not slowing down. Despite countless memes and derision, gamers are not stopping investing in the nearly 10-year-old project.

Source: Cloud Imperium Games

Although nine years have passed since the release of Star Citizen in early access, Chris Roberts' goose keeps laying golden eggs. The official fundraises has brought the studio Cloud Imperium Games 500 million dollars. More than 4 million people made contributions in total.

Star Citizen is a project without end

The fundraiser has been recording an upward trend recently - just a year ago, the developers' account had 400 million dollars. The money raised is supposed to help develop the game, which unfortunately is a controversial issue. After 9 years, Star Citizen remains in alpha version, which players are taking advantage of, creating countless memes and making fun of the whole campaign. The original $65 million goal has already been exceeded multiple times, giving this fundraiser the title of one of the largest and longest crowdfunding projects in history.

Star Citizen Raised Half a Billion Dollars - picture #1
Source: Cloud Imperium Games

Plans for the future

In September, the title will enter alpha 3.18. The developers want to increase the number of players who can test future updates. In addition, the PES system (improving server meshing and persistent streaming) will be introduced, which will be tested for 2-3 months and is expected to be a big step forward in the game's development.

Star Citizen Raised Half a Billion Dollars - picture #2
It was. Source: Cloud Imperium Games/BAFTA.

Star Citizen is a sci-fi space MMO with FPP/TPP view. The game has been in alpha version since June 2014 and can only be played on PC. You can purchase the game on the official website.

Star Citizen

Star Citizen

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