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News video games 06 May 2016, 14:23

author: Meehow

Steam achievements for The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine revealed

Steam has revealed the list of achievements for the upcoming expansion for The Witcher 3, entitled Blood and Wine, confirming some of the earlier leaks and hinting at some things that we’ll be able to do in the add-on.

Although Blood and Wine, the second expansion for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, is said to launch within the next two months, very little is known about it, unless you’re willing to trust rumors which may or may not turn out to be correct. However, Steam has revealed the list of unlockable achievements for the aforementioned add-on. In total, there are 13 of them, 3 of which are hidden. Nevertheless, these 10 provide us with some clues as to what awaits us in the quasi-idyllic land of Toussaint, where the action of Blood and Wine takes place. In-game Toussaint will be similar in size to the Skellige Isles. Looking over the list, it seems Geralt will engage in many activities that are not related to his profession. These include taking part in a tournament, developing Corvo Bianco – one of Toussaint’s famous wineries (earlier rumor has it that the game will also feature Sancere and Tufo), which may even become the witcher’s home, or at least that’s what the achievement’s name suggests. Moreover, Geralt will be able to earn a Vitis vinifera (Latin for “common grape vine”) medal, though probably not for outstanding witcher work.

Luckily, Blood and Wine, as the title suggests, is not only about enjoying the bright side of life. For instance, it will be possible for Geralt to spend some time in a Toussaint prison. We will also be able to further develop the protagonist using mutations (although for now it’s unclear how exactly they will work) and equip him with grandmaster witcher equipment. Those of you who played the original The Witcher from 2007 surely remember the Lady of the Lake and the silver sword, Aerondight, which she gave to Geralt at the end of Act IV. Well, we will meet the Lady again and come into possession of that blade once more. Sadly, the remaining achievements are too vague to provide further insight.

The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine still doesn’t have a launch date. Sector, a Slovakian gaming website, claims that the information embargo ends on May 10 so – if it’s true – we should learn more about the expansion shortly.

Steam achievements for The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine revealed - picture #1
Steam achievements for The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine.
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