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News video games 16 March 2016, 11:41

author: luckie

Stellaris and Hearts of Iron IV release dates revealed

Stellaris and Hearts of Iron IV both received release dates not very far from now. Paradox Interactive reserved a moment for the two strategy games at their GDC 2016 panel.

Paradox Interactive had some truly tasty revelations for fans at today’s GDC press conference. We already wrote about the announcement of Obsidian’s new RPG, but that is not all. The publisher also revealed the release dates for two of its upcoming games. The first one in line is Stellaris, a sci-fi space strategy with a strong accent on exploration. The game will let you command a race that just discovered faster-than-light travel and is ready to investigate the farthest corners of a procedurally generated galaxy. Stellaris is coming out for PC in May 9, 2016.

Another one is Hearts of Iron IV, a large-scale strategy game for PC set in the Second World War period. The game will start before the outbreak of the war, giving us time to prepare for what is to come. As for what happens next, the history of the conflict greatly depends on the player’s actions. The release of Hearts of Iron IV will celebrate the 72nd D-Day anniversary, as it will launch on June 6, 2016. Here’s the game’s dev diary, telling more about the scope of Hearts of Iron IV:



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