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News video games 15 September 2021, 16:03

author: GRG

Stellaris Devs Pay Tribute to Lem in New Update

The creators of Stellaris have celebrated the 100th anniversary of Stanislaw Lem's birth with a new update and a partnership with the Polish Science Fiction Foundation.

This month marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of Stanislaw Lem a prominent Polish science fiction writer, author of such works as The Magellanic Cloud, Solaris and The Star Diaries. On this occasion, the creators of Stellaris, the Swedish company Paradox, have partnered with the Polish Science Fiction Foundation, which wrote what follows on its profile:

"In commemoration of the person and work of Stanislaw Lem, the latest free update for Stellaris has been signed with the name of this outstanding writer and futurologist. The 3.1 Lem Update is available since September 14 and contains numerous references to Lem's works, including a whole chain of events inspired by his novel Invincible."

The profile also features a video that the main designer of Stellaris addressed to the participants of the Futurological Congress 2021, recently organized in Krakow, Poland. Also Paradox's official website has prepared a post about the latest update:

"(...) this year marks the 100th birthday of Stanislaw Lem, a Polish science fiction writer whose stories have been a fantastic inspiration for the Stellaris team. In addition to some direct references to Lem’s work within the game for observant fans, the Lem update refreshes and renews the content that our fans have enjoyed throughout the history of Stellaris."

Major new features and changes in the 3.1 Lem update:

  • Custom Tradition Trees;
  • New tradition trees added to the Apocalypse and Nemesis DLCs, a new tradition added to the base game;
  • New content for Plantoids Species Pack, Humanoids Species Pack, and Necroids Species Pack;
  • Gameplay balance changes, bug fixes, and AI improvements.

3.1 Lem update is being developed by Paradox's new team, known as Custodians, who will be responsible for adding new content to older DLCs, improving gameplay balance, enhancing the interface, and making minor improvements. Another team will be responsible for developing new DLCs for the game.

Additionally, until September 20, players can try out Stellaris for free on Steam and purchase the game and its expansions at greatly reduced price.



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