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News video games 22 May 2023, 15:12

Gamers Get Wrecked, but Still Praise Street Fighter 6 After Beta

Street Fighter 6 players are happy after beta testing - even if they lost fights more often than they won them. The release is just around the corner, but Capcom promises to improve the game's balance in time.

The open beta-testing of Street Fighter 6 took place this past weekend. PC (Steam), PS5 and XSX/S players were able to check out Capcom's latest fighting game shortly before the release, scheduled for June 2 - on the aforementioned platforms and PlayStation 4.

"I lose a lot, but I still like it"

In general, testers are praising the new Street Fighter, despite the fact that many of them lost more often than they won in clashes with other players. An Internet user by the handle Electronic_Beat_3476, who boasted his stats - 55 victories out of 422 fights (victory rate at 13.03%) - wrote:

"Even though I take that many losses, I still am enjoying myself. Fuck this game is fun."

Similar experiences are shared by Naekh:

"I had a similar one. I got a beating from Ryu and thought: "Gosh, this Ryu is strong." And when playing Ryu, I got a beating from Luke and thought: "Boy, this Luke is strong!"."

A large part of the players agreed that defeats are part of the adventure in this case - they should not discourage, but teach. If we learn from them, there will be fewer of them over time.


Good fun was laced with a pinch of humor. It was provided by the game's character creator, enabling us to create such wonders, for example:

Gamers Get Wrecked, but Still Praise Street Fighter 6 After Beta - picture #1
Source: Reddit / ottoDVD.
Gamers Get Wrecked, but Still Praise Street Fighter 6 After Beta - picture #2
Source: Reddit / JJBestGuy.

Fixes for the release

Overall, however, the reception of Street Fighter 6 during beta testing was positive. Capcom thanked players for their participation, promising that for the release it will implement changes and balance fixes, the demand for which was signaled by the community.

It seems that the Japanese company can be satisfied with the tests. On Saturday, only on Steam, SF6 was played by 32,787 people. On other days, interest in the game was lower, but the number of players did not fall below 15,000. It can be assumed that on consoles - which are the domain of fighting games - it was even better.

Gamers Get Wrecked, but Still Praise Street Fighter 6 After Beta - picture #3
Source: SteamDB.

Demo version

For a reminder let me add that both on Steam, as well as on PS Store and MS Store you can try out a demo version of Street Fighter 6. So if you missed the beta test, there's nothing stopping you from checking out the game right now.

  1. Street Fighter 6 - official website

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