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News video games 11 April 2024, 04:05

author: Kamil Kleszyk

Dev of The Division and Avatar Will Design „Amazing Missions” in New James Bond Game

Rodrigo Santoro, a developer who previously worked on Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, among others, has strengthened the ranks of IO Interactive studio. The Danish team, known for the Hitman series, is developing a new game about James Bond.

Source: IO Interactive

The first information about the new James Bond game dates back to the end of 2020. Then, the IO Interactive studio, known for the Hitman series, took on the task of developing another title about the adventures of the iconic spy. Since then, the developers have been very unwilling to share information about the game.

Those who felt uneasy about it can now breathe a sigh of relief. The Danish studio isn't only developing Project 007 - as this is the code name of the game - but also expanding the team working on it.

From the announcement published by IO Interactive, we learned that Rodrigo Santoro, a developer who has worked at the Ubisoft Massive studio (formerly Massive Entertainment) for almost 10 years, has joined the team. During his career at the Swedish company, the dev designed levels in the first two installments of the Tom Clancy's The Division series. Recently, Santoro served as the world director in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora.

As for Project 007, the developer will take on the role of mission director and, as we read in the announcement, will be "directing the balance of story, art, and gameplay to design the most amazing Bond missions."

Project 007 got my attention since the day it was announced, and I feel incredibly fortunate to work with the team making the game. I was able to see more of the game and there is already something unique about it. Most importantly, every conversation that I have had so far with team members has shown the team is passionate about delivering a memorable and unique experience. At the moment, I can't wait to start collaborating and creating the best 007 agent game that has ever been made - said Santoro.

The announcement containing these words was actually made on January 17, 2024, but the IO Interactive studio only announced Santoro's employment on social media today. The developer appears to have signed a contract with the company early in the year, but it only came into effect in March - at least that's what the information on the developer's LinkedIn suggests.

Details about Project 007 is still limited - it is known that the game is intended to be more linear in nature than the Hitman series. The game will generally be more similar to Daniel Craig's version of James Bond than to Roger Moore's.

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