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News video games 22 November 2021, 15:17

author: Miriam Moszczynska

Tatooine From Star Wars Recreated in Minecraft

Creativity is strong in Minecraft players. One of them spent a year recreating a surprisingly large Star Wars location.

  1. One user showed off a map depicting the planet Tatooine from Star Wars recreated in Minecraft;
  2. The map has a size of several thousand blocks;
  3. The user rendered the character of the location extremely accurately.

Minecraft players are definitely not people who complain about a lack of creativity. This is confirmed by a project created by user dillyg10, who spent the last year recreating the planet Tatooine from Star Wars. The map on which the player operated has dimensions of 4 by 4 thousand blocks and is surprisingly detailed.

"Took around 1k hours and a years worth of time. Blame the pandemic XD!," wrote dillyg10 under his post

To post on Reddit dillyg10 included a short video, presenting the largest locations recreated by the player. However, as you can see in the image below, the map created is more than just urban centers. We can also see stretches of desert terrain, characteristic for Tatooine. We have to admit that dillyg10 went all out.

Tatooine From Star Wars Recreated in Minecraft - picture #1
Map of Tatooine recreated in Minecraft, source:

A combination of Minecraft and the iconic Star Wars universe undoubtedly attracted the attention of players. The latter, in addition to expressing their admiration for the creator, also asked about the possibility of seeing the cubic Tatooine closer than just on video. As it turns out, such option exists, and the map can be explored on the creator's server.. So if you also want to explore the map on your own, knock yourselves out.

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