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News video games 06 August 2021, 16:11

author: Jacob Blazewicz

The Ascent Now With Ray Tracing in Xbox Game Pass; New Patch Available

Neon Giant prepared a huge patch for The Ascent. The update will not only fix a ton of bugs, but also add the missing ray tracing support in the Xbox Game Pass version of the game.

A week ago we reported on the problems with The Ascent's version available on Xbox Game Pass PC subscription. Some of these and other shortcomings are to be fixed in the new update, for now available only on Steam but also heading to Microsoft store, including for Xbox consoles. The devs work of a small inconvenience in the form of a one-time extension of the main menu loading, lasting less than half a minute.

The patch will finally add ray tracing support in the PC release from the Microsoft Store, but apparently there will still be no option to activate DLSS. The developers have also taken to improving the game's stability and eliminated many bugs causing The Ascent to shutdown or slower loading. The game data saving system has also been improved, with a solution to help in the case of corrupted files.

The devs haven't forgotten about gameplay improvements, although even here it translated mainly to the removal of numerous bugs. For example, the scaling of the "Pocket Mech" minigun was changed to make it more powerful with the hero's levels. (Pocket Mech) minigun scaling was changed to make it more powerful along with the character's level. Some skills have also been rebalanced (Life Transfer, Neutron Beam, and Overclock), and some modules can now be used while dodging.

In addition, the developers have fixed bugs related to language localization, added grain options to the graphics settings, and slightly modified the game's interface. The full list of changes can be found in the announcement on Steam. So if you were holding off on checking out what exactly attracted the attention of players in The Ascent , perhaps it's time to give the title a chance.

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