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News video games 17 November 2022, 16:56

author: Adrian Werner

The Callisto Protocol Will be Even Scarier Thanks to Sony

We have learned that experts from the Sony's Visual Arts Services group helped work on the animations in The Callisto Protocol.

Horror game The Callisto Protocol promises to be one of the last big releases of this year. Those waiting for this title may be interested in information that the work on the game was assisted by teams owned by Sony.

  1. During the creation of animations in the cut scenes, the developers used motion capture technology, enabling the actors to act out entire scenes. The Visual Arts Services group, part of Sony, helped record these sessions..
  2. Not only did the developers hire a motion capture studio from this group, but people from Visual Arts Services actively participated in the recording sessions, helping the developers achieve the highest quality.
  3. The group mostly works on games developed by Sony's in-house teams, but occasionally helps other developers.
  4. The choice of Visual Arts Services makes sense. PlayStation exclusives are famous for, among other things, exquisite cutscenes created using the motion capture technology. For Striking Distance The Callisto Protocol is a debut project, and without such help the creators themselves would be unlikely to be able to prepare equally good cinematics.
The Callisto Protocol Will be Even Scarier Thanks to Sony - picture #1
Source: Twitter.

Recall that The Callisto Protocol is being developed as a spiritual heir to Dead Space and many veterans of the series are involved in its development. The game is headed for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5, and will be released on December 2 this year.

The Callisto Protocol promises to be a visual feast not only thanks to its high-quality cutscenes. The developers recently confirmed that the game will offer the option to play at 60 frames per second on next-gen consoles. Unfortunately, this is not at all standard for Xbox Series X/S and PS5 productions, as demonstrated by the cases of Gotham Knights and A Plague Tale: Requiem.

  1. The Callisto Protocol - official website

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