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News video games 19 November 2020, 19:54

author: Christian Pieniazek

Project 007 - Hitman Devs Are Making a Bond Game

IO Interactive has announced its new work. It's a game currently known under the working title Project 007, which will enable us to play as James Bond and see his first steps on Her Majesty's secret service.

  1. IO Interactive has announced a game under the working title Project 007;
  2. The game will tell us about how James Bond became Agent 007;
  3. Only a short teaser of the project and a little bit of information about it is available.

IO Interactive, whose portfolio shines mainly with the Hitman series, has announced its next game. As it turns out, it will be called Project 007, in which we will play as James Bond. Below you will find an atmospheric teaser trailer of the project, as well as first information about it.

Although the video is quite enigmatic, a bit of light on what we can expect from Project 007 is shed by its official website. As we can read on it, the game will enable us to see "for the first time" how James Bond became agent 007 (tsome would say that the developers apparently haven't seen Casino Royale yet...). Besides, IO Interactive will take care of both the development and publishing of the title.

And... that's it. How will Project 007 look like? When and on what platforms will it be released? Will it be close to the Hitman series or any of the studio's previous title (such as the Kane & Lynch series) in terms of gameplay, or will the devs decide to introduce a breath of fresh air into their portfolio? We will probably have to wait for the answers to these questions. Suffice it to say that the developers are only looking for "elite talents from all over the world" who will take part in developing this "exciting and unique title". Besides, we shouldn't forget that their Hitman 3 is already on the last straight for store shelves (to be released in January 2021).

  1. Project 007 - official website
Project 007

Project 007

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