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News video games 09 December 2021, 17:17

This Could be the End of Easy Teleports in LoL; A Revolution is Coming

A big change is coming to League of Legends. A new version of the Teleport skill has appeared on the PBE test servers, which will significantly limit the use many tactics in the early game.

  1. LoL's test servers have seen a new solution, which can significantly change the initial phase of the game;
  2. The Teleport spell is to be significantly limited, at least until the 14th minute of gameplay;
  3. This will force players to adapt their play styles to the new conditions.

League of Legends is constantly changing. Patch after patch introduces improvements of varying sizes. Some seem small, while others completely change the face of the game. The solution currently being tested on PBE (Public Beta Environment) servers most likely falls under the latter kind.

It's about one of the skills chosen by the players in the character selection window - Teleport. So far, this spell was able to move the hero to any place on the map, as long as an allied tower, vision totem or minions of a given team were present at the destination. However, this is about to change. Until the 14th minute of the game, Teleport will only be able to transport the players near towers. The casting time of this spell will also change from 4.5 to 4 seconds.

This Could be the End of Easy Teleports in LoL; A Revolution is Coming - picture #1
Source: League of Legends PBE

After the 14th minute, Teleport is expected to evolve into Unleashed Teleport, which will work under the old rules - with two differences: the moment the player "lands" in the indicated location, they will receive a 50% boost to the character's movement, and the spell's cooldown will be reduced from 360 to 270 seconds.

The new rules of the spell have caused a heated discussion among LoL fans on forums, including Reddit, where the change is widely commented on, and a post informing about it quickly gained popularity. If the above solution comes into force, it will mean that early-game tactics will have to be adjusted to the new conditions. You will no longer be able to make quick teleports to a totem to surprise your opponent on the other side of the map. The lane play in the early game will also have to be reconstructed with quite a few champions.

Of course, there is a chance that the changes presented on PBE will not be implemented, but it seems that in this case Riot Games is eager to mix things up. Details will probably be revealed soon.

Michal Ciezadlik

Michal Ciezadlik

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