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News guides 08 December 2023, 04:04

author: Damian Gacek

The Finals 1.0 - How to Invite Friends, Bug Fix

In this guide we will tell you how to invite friends to your party. Some players have problems with that. We have a fix.

Source: The Finals, developer: Embark Studios

The Finals is a new shooter which is characterized by impressive environmental destruction. Thousands of players decided to give a chance to the title. Of course, many of them also want to shoot with friends. The finals give this option. Nevertheless there is a small problem with that at the moment, as friends can’t invite each other to matches. Let’s fix it together.

The Finals – How to add friends to friend list

Embark ID

  1. Choose Social button (top-right of the Backstage screen).
  2. Click Add Friend.
  3. Write their Embark ID (you can find it also in Social tab), and press Add Friend once again.
  4. Your friend has to accept.

After Match

Adding friends from a match:

  1. Choose Social button (top-right of the Backstage screen).
  2. Go to Recent and find the player.
  3. Press Add Friends.
  4. The other player has to accept.

The Finals – How to invite friends to your party

  1. On Backstage Screen click Add to party button.
  2. Select Friend.
  3. Your friend has to accept.

The Finals – How to invite friends to your party Bug Fix

Many players can’t invite others to party after adding them to Friends list. It is a bug. However, the solution is simply. All you have to do is to restart the game. Both friends should quit The Finals. After entering again, you should be able to invite to the match.

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Damian Gacek

Damian Gacek

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The Finals

The Finals

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