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News video games 14 July 2021, 17:54

The Sims 4: Seasons Calendar For Free, but There's a Catch

Developers from EA Maxis revealed that just before the release of the Cottage Living DLC for The Sims 4 players will be able to access for free the calendar known from one of the previous expansions - Seasons. However, there is a catch.

There are eight days left to the release of Cotage Living, which will enrich The Sims 4 with a possibility of tending one's own garden or husbanding animals. It turns out that the expansion will not be the only attraction that awaits the fans of the life simulation in the near future. During last week's stream, developers from EA Maxis revealed that just before the release of the new DLC all players will receive, for free, the calendar that appeared in one of the previous expansions - The Seasons. However, there is a catch.

If you played The Sims 4 with this addition, you know that the calendar enabled us not only to track the passing of the title seasons, but also changes in the weather, holidays and sims' schedules. Its free version will allow only for the latter - this way we can plan various events for our charges.

Those of you who have been closely following the reports on Cottage Lyving have surely already connected the dots. As part of the DLC, we'll finally be able to take part in weekly markets in Finchwick, where we'll submit the most impressive vegetables and the most beautiful animals to competitions. The calendar will enable us not only to remember about such events, but also to move to them as soon as they begin.

What's interesting, it's not the only free content, which will be available for owners of the basic version of The Sims 4. The developers also mentioned new interactions (such as group cooking and gardening for children) or the previously unavailable afro hairstyle.

The release of Cottage Living will take place on July 22.

Hubert Sledziewski

Hubert Sledziewski

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