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News video games 21 July 2021, 14:10

author: Agnes Adamus

The Sims 4 Update Introduces Calendar and Ability to Create Ponds

Another update for The Sims 4 is live. It introduces to the game, among other things, a calendar and the ability to create your own pond. In addition, a number of bugs were fixed, including the one causing blocking of sleep and coffee brewing interactions.

Yesterday, The Sims 4 on PC received a new update, numbered, which introduces several new features and fixes a number of bugs. In addition to the previously announced calendar, the game also introduced ponds and additional paintings, with which we can decorate our house.

Definitely the biggest novelty in The Sims 4, is the possibility of creating custom ponds. For this purpose, tools for terrain modification and its painting were expanded. The devs also added the ability to manipulate water. Pond created in this way can be decorated with various objects and plants. Animals will also play an important role. In addition to the possibility of stocking the pond, a number of species that can live near the water (beginning with an alligator) were also made available.

The game now also features the calendar from the Seasons expansion. Its "free" version enables ut only to plan events, however. Other elements known from the DLC, such as holidays, are not available.

The update also introduces minor novelties. New paintings by two artists - Ashley Lukashepsky and Mohammed Iman Fayaz - will be added to the game. The mechanics of ordering food have also been expanded.

The devs also fixed a number of bugs that were present in The Sims 4. Young children will stop hating their parents for no reason and at random times. Issues related to blocking interactions have also been resolved. From now on, sims will not endlessly sleep and brew coffee.

Of course, there were also some problems. The update caused compatibility issues with some mods. This may cause a number of errors.

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