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News video games 12 November 2020, 11:34

author: Dameredet

The Sims 4 Will Get Further Ethnic Expansions

Interview with a representative of The Sims 4 devs confirmed that in the future we will see more updates and expansions inspired by different cultures.

We have good news for fans of The Sims 4. Graham Nardone, producer of the Snowy Escape add-on, has provided an interesting information in interview for our website, in which he confirmed that more ethnic updates will be released.

The last add-on for the popular life simulator was set in the Star Wars universe and wasn't well received. The developers were accused of greed and ignoring the fans who had long demanded more realism. It seems, however, that the company decided to fulfill the promises made after the loud outrage of the community and more ethnic elements will appear in The Sims.

On the occasion of the month dedicated to Spanish Heritage, which is celebrated in the United States every year, an update introducing new food, items, tattoos and clothes has been released. The upcoming Snowy Escape expansion, scheduled for November 13, is strongly inspired by Japan. As it turns out, in the future we will get more such expansions.

"Yeah, I think that's a safe bet and I don't have any specific content to announce today but it's a core pillar of us, not just on The Sims but Maxis in general, that we do represent more of our players authentically and give more of them the ability to have their own lived experiences represented in-game, in a respectful way. So I think that's important to us; if you look at the history of The Sims 4 and the updates that we've released and some of the packs that we've done, with Snowy Escape being maybe the strongest one in that direction yet – it's something that's important to us and something that we're gonna continue doing," said Nardone in an interview with Julia Dragovic.

So we have it. A promise from the creators themselves. Will we soon see more cultural diversity in the world of The Sims?

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