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News Files and Mods 05 May 2023, 00:22

author: Adrian Werner

Best Tolkien Mod for Total War With New Version

Version 4.8 of Third Age Total War 4.0 has been released, an extensive mod that brings the action of Medieval II: Total War - Kingdoms to Tolkien's Middle-earth.

Being almost sixteen years old, Medieval II: Total War - Kingdoms remains the installment of the brand that boasts the largest number of total conversions, i.e. huge mods that move the action to new settings. What's more, these projects continue to be developed, with the latest example being update 4.8 to the vast modification titled Third Age: Total War 4.0.

The project is the most complete Tolkien modification for the Total War series. It is possible that one day it will lose this position to The Last Alliance for Shogun 2, but that's a song of the distant future. At the moment, people who dream of Middle-earth in Total War must reach for Third Age 4.0.

  1. Third Age: Total War 4.0 - download mod
Best Tolkien Mod for Total War With New Version - picture #1
The mod replaces virtually all elements of the game - from the map, through factions and units, to music. Source: Leo.

The update introduces changes large enough that old save game data will not work with version 4.8, so if you have a campaign in progress then finish it before installing the latest incarnation of the project.

Build 4.8 fixes bugs, introduces new textures and models, as well as improved animations and balancing. The biggest changes, however, have been made to the technical layer. The mod is now much more stable and optimized. In addition, a ton of mechanics and interface elements have been improved. Previously, many of them had an amateurish vibe, and now they resemble those of more professional productions. In general, version 4.8 overall does not introduce many new elements, but improves the whole mod, making it more polished, smoother and faster.

Recall that the work is built on the foundations of an older project called Third Age. It was for a long time the best Tolkien mod for Medieval II: Total War - Kingdoms. However, work on its development stopped in 2012. After many years, a new group of modders decided to make a new project based on it, and thus Third Age: Total War 4.0 was born.

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