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News Files and Mods 01 August 2021, 13:41

author: Adrian Werner

New Version of Medieval 2: Total War Mod Roar of Conquest Goes Live

Version 2.0 of the extensive mod called Roar of Conquest: Late Middle Ages for Medieval II: Total War - Kingdoms has been released. The project signifcantly expands most elements of the game, including the strategic map.

Medieval II: Total War and Rome: Total War remain the most popular Creative Assembly game series among modders. This is because the newer incarnations of the franchise offer more limited opportunities for modders, and paradoxically their much better visuals are a problem, as it is harder for amateurs to create their own models at a level that would not differ from the official assets. As a result, these two classics, despite being several years old, still regularly receive fresh mods. One of the most recent examples is Roar of Conquest: Late Middle Ages which finally lived to see version 2.0.

The update brings numerous bug fixes. Almost a hundred units were also reworked, improving their balance and starting armies. There were also new features, the most interesting of which are the unique starting guards for the generals. We can still recruit this type of special warriors, like in the standard version, but with the mod many factions have a special unit of the type from the beginning, assigned only to this nation.

New Version of Medieval 2: Total War Mod Roar of Conquest Goes Live - picture #1
Version 2.0 brings, among other things, unique starting guards for generals.

The project is relatively young - its first release launched less than a year ago. Initially, it was only called Roar of Conquest and in this incarnationit reached version 4.0. Then the authors changed the concept and added the subtitle Late Middle Ages, moved the starting date of the campaign from 1220 to 1330 and greatly expanded the mod's content. The old version, enabling us to play in the 13th century, is still available but is no longer developed.

The goal of both incarnations of Roar of Conquest is to thoroughly expand and improve the game while retaining its atmosphere. Campaign balance has been improved and historical inaccuracies have been removed. The project offers an expanded strategic map that covers most of Europe. It is also much more diverse. It has more climate and terrain types, and each region offers unique products. The AI was also heavily improved, including in battles, and a ton of new units was introduced.

The project was partially built on the foundations of Stainless Steel, one of the most important mods for the game, which unfortunately is no longer developed. Roar of Conquest: Late Middle Ages is a standalone project and does not require prior installation of Stainless Steel. All you need to have is Medieval II: Total War - Kingdoms.

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Adrian Werner

Adrian Werner

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