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News Files and Mods 21 October 2021, 18:39

author: Adrian Werner

Medieval 2 TW Mod Tsardom Total War Version 2.0 Goes Live

Version 2.0 of Tsardom Total War, one of the most interesting recent mods for Medieval II: Total War - Kingdoms, has just been released.

Fans of Creative Assembly's games are currently mainly awaiting the release of Total War: Warhammer III. However, Rome: Total War and Medieval II: Total War are still undisputedly the most popular installments among the members of the modding community, which is due to the fact that they are much more friendly to modifications than the latest parts, and their relatively simple graphics makes it easy to create new assets. As a result, those titles, despite being several years old, are the ones for which the most interesting and ambitious projects are created. An excellent example of this is Tsardoms Total War, which finally lived to see version 2.0.

The project is a modification for Medieval II: Total War - Kingdoms and takes place in the years 1345-1530, focusing on the fall of Byzantium. The mod takes up a subject which has not been explored by Creative Assembly so far, which strongly increases its attractiveness.

Tsardoms Total War enables us to play autonomous battles and a strategic campaign on a new map. The project changes most of the game's elements. We get dozens of playable factions, new units, weapons, battlefields, models, textures and sound effects. There are also significant changes in the gameplay mechanics.

Version 2.0 brings a lot of changes. Several playable factions (including the Kingdom of Bohemia and the Cantacusen Dynasty) and many new events and historical figures have been added. The strategy map was improved by adding details and objects, and fixes for many bugs. On top of that, the balance and some of the mechanics have been heavily reworked.

The patch changes so many elements that it is not compatible with saves from previous version of the mod, so we have to start a new game.

  1. Tsardoms Total War - download page (the authors gave us permission to host a mirror)
  2. Tsardoms Total War - official website

Adrian Werner

Adrian Werner

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