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News video games 30 May 2021, 17:01

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

Total War: Three Kingdoms Review Bombed After End of Support Announcement

Fans of Total War: Three Kingdoms did not take the news of the end of support for the game well. They showed their dissatisfaction by review bombing it.

  • End of support for Total War: Three Kingdoms caused opposition from many fans of the game;
  • They have started review bombing it on Steam;
  • They also claim that Creative Assembly committed fraud;

Two days ago we reported of the end of support for Total War: Three Kingdoms. The devs are abandoning development of the game two years after the release. During this period it added seven paid DLCs and a mass of updates. However, many players considered the end of support as premature.

Fans felt cheated by Creative Assembly, which previously announced the release of one more addition for the game. It was to expand the game with northern territories, which would be associated with new factions. Giving up on the promised DLC and devoting to work on the next installment of the series caused a radical reaction from the players. They started a review bombing on Steam.

Currently, recent reviews of the game are overwhelmingly negative. Most of them accuse the developers of cheating on the players. A great deal of feedback comes from China.

"Way to stop producing content for a game called Total war: THREE KINGDOMS without actually getting to the THREE KINGDOMS part. You also mentioned multiple times that you were going to be releasing a northern expansion, guess that's down the toilet as well. good job CA."


However, in the wave of negative reviews, there were also voices criticizing the review bombing. According to some players, this kind of action does not lead to anything.

"The game is good what is not good is to review bomb it just because you disagree. It's stuff like this that makes steam reviews a bad thing. find better things to do than to review bomb it because they stopped supporting this. [...] Put your voice on other platforms."

Arch Demon

Single voices opposing this specific act of player rebellion do not change the fact that the number of negative reviews continues to grow. The same phenomenon can also be seen in the comments section under the video on YouTube, in which it was announced that support for Three Kingdoms is to end. However, it is doubtful that these actions will in any way affect Creative Assembly's plans.

The developers have already announced that they are working on the next installment of the Total War series which will also focus on the plot of Tales of the Three Kingdoms. It will not be in any way connected to the first installment subtitled Three Kingdoms. Unfortunately, nothing more is known about the title yet.

Total War: Three Kingdoms

Total War: Three Kingdoms

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