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News video games 17 February 2023, 13:47

We No Longer Need 3 Games to Play Total War Warhammer 3: Immortal Empires

Total War: Warhammer 3 players finally got the full version of Immortal Empires mode. It offers a huge campaign that ties the entire trilogy together into a single piece.

The day that all Total War: Warhammer III players have been waiting for has arrived. Studio Creative Assembly released update 2.4.0, which brought, among other things, the highly anticipated full version of Immortal Empires mode. It includes a huge campaign, combining the entire trilogy of TW: Warhammer into a single piece. Significantly, owning the first and second game is no longer necessary to play it - this will certainly please many PC Game Pass subscribers.

The beta version of Immortal Empires mode debuted on August 24, 2022. To enjoy its content, you had to own the previous games from the Warhammer subseries. This requirement has now been lifted. However, access to the third game alone does not provide everything that Immortal Empires offers. It has been limited to the campaign and the basic races (along with their Lords), which include:

  1. Chaos Demons,
  2. Great Cathay,
  3. Kislev,
  4. Khorne,
  5. Nurgle,
  6. Slaanesh,
  7. Tzeentch,
  8. Chaos Warriors (Be'lakor).

To have access to all races and Lords (Empire, Dwarves, etc.), you need to own the previous games and DLCs. However, what is important, it is not necessary to buy the entire collection if you care about a particular faction. For example, if you want to play Immortal Empires with vampires, you only need to purchase the Curse of the Vampire Coast DLC for the second game. A detailed breakdown of the races that can be unlocked can be found here.

The fact that the Immortal Empires mode is now available in full version - and not in beta form, as before - doesn't really change much. Especially since Creative Assembly still intends to develop it. What's more, in its customary fashion, the developer has released a handful of trivia related to Total War: Warhammer III, specifically with the game's available story campaign called Kingdoms of Chaos and multiplayer mode. You can find them in the box below.


The Kingdom of Chaos campaign:

  • It has been played 11,358,771 times;
  • players have spent a total of 41,556,064 hours in it, which is 4743 years;
  • the most successful legendary Lord was Tsarina Catherine (Ice Court - Kislev);
  • she was also the most frequently chosen of the Lords, followed by Miao Ying (Great Cathay), the Demon Prince (Legions of Chaos), Skarbrand (Khorne's Exiles) and Kairos the Weaver of Destiny (Tzeentch).

Multiplayer battles:

  • most popular modes: 1. user, 2. ranked (domination), 3. ranked (classic);
  • Most successful races: 1. vampire counts, 2. dark elves, 3. ogre kingdoms.

Hubert Sledziewski

Hubert Sledziewski

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