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News video games 30 August 2022, 12:57

author: Miriam Moszczynska

Traffic Jams in ETS2 Can be Forced, but Why Not Use a Mod?

Traffic in ETS2 is a puzzling affair. Sometimes there is too much of it, sometimes not enough. However, this can be remedied with the right commands and mods.

Traffic in Euro Truck Simulator 2 does not always reflect reality as it should. One player, fiddling with the settings, has raised hell on the roads thanks to the g_traffic command.

Traffic manipulation

The values of the g_traffic command can be freely set from 0 to 10. Resetting it to zero involves shutting down traffic altogether, while the maximum value makes the traffic volume gigantic.

Pseudonym_741 summed up his recording only by saying that it is not worth changing the value of g_traffic to higher than one. However, he did not share how high he himself set the value.

You can modify g_traffic in the ETS2 console. To run it, find config.cfg in the game files, then change uset g_developer "0" to 1 and uset g_console "0" also to 1. Save the file and while in the game itself you can open the console with the tilde.

Modification to fix traffic

In addition to in-game commands, there are also external ways to make traffic more interesting. An interesting option is the mod called Real Traffic Density ETS2. Thanks to it, motorcycles and sports cars, for example, appear on the roads in the game.

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The most interesting aspect of the mod, however, is the adjustment of traffic density to the day and night cycle. By daylight, we will encounter more cars (although not so many as to make it difficult to move), while at night it is the other way around. The mod also introduces speed limits for various vehicles.

Another mod is Pardubak's Longer Yellow for ETS2, whose name speaks for itself. It extends the duration of the yellow light from two to four seconds. Both Longer Yellow and Real Traffic Density are compatible with the latest version of ETS2.

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