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News video games 30 August 2022, 13:54

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

Terraria is a Phenomenon; First Such Record on Steam

Terraria has achieved something that no other game has managed to do on Steam.

Terraria can boast another unique achievement. Moreover, it is something that no other video game has ever achieved. There is also little indication that this is likely to change anytime soon.

Everyone loves Terraria

As noted by Twitter user demize, Terraria is the first game in the history of Steam to boast more than a million reviews, most of which are "overwhelmingly positive" (97% positive reviews).

Terraria is a Phenomenon; First Such Record on Steam - picture #1
Source: demize

We are unlikely to expect any other game to boast this kind of achievement anytime soon either. The closest to it is Garry's Mod, but it is still more than 131,000 reviews short of crossing the one million reviews barrier.

Developers of Terraria have definitely earned themselves such a huge success. It is enough to mention the constant support of the title, which has been continued even after the abandonment of the game was announced in 2020.

The game also continues to enjoy the involvement of a huge community. Its activity can be seen in online forums, as well as in the very results on SteamDB, which indicate that despite the passage of years Terraria is still played by crowds of users.

So it remains for us to congratulate the developers on such a great success and wait impatiently for the possible announcement of a sequel. More and more indicates for it may be coming after all.

  1. Terraria - official website


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