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News video games 21 August 2020, 12:06

author: Dameredet

Unlucky Fall Guys Player Finally Wins - Ninja and Twitch Congratulate

A player who couldn't win finally takes the crown. He was congratulated by famous streamers, including Ninja. Meanwhile, Twitch noticed the success of Fall Guys.

Have you managed to get a crown?

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is an absolute hit of recent days. However, despite the sugary setting, the game is not easy at all. Streamer timthetatman, whose struggles we've already written about before, has been painfully aware of this. Although the player was "hated" by the official Fall Guys account on Twitter and actually nobody expected him to win in the end, he succeeded.

The player's victory aroused interest in Twitch itself. Funny congratulations videos from other streamers were combined into a short clip, which was shared on Twitter via the official account.

Among the congratulatory streamers was also Ninja, who jokingly admitted that Tim's feats are inspiring and show that really anyone can win in Fall Guys. Is it possible that the humor of the creators of the game was picked up by the streamers?

It seems that Ninja liked the colorful game. Recently he "joined forces" with AimLab and took part in a charity auction organized by Fall Guys. Although his bid has already been outbid by a bidet company, a lot can still change by the end of the auction. Anybody want a Ninja wristband skin?

On the official Twitter account, the creators of Fall Guys admitted that they did not expect such a turn of events when they sent Tim the first message. In total, 1,295,940 people watched Tim's struggle in the charming game from Mediatonic. Probably the confusion with the streamer contributed to Fall Guys being ' nominated for the Twitch Awards.

The joyful game received nominations in 5 categories. The game will fight for the victory for being "Savior of Quarantine", "Top of Twitch 2020" and "Next Twitch Blockbuster", among others. In the latter category, the game will compete with Cyberpunk 2077, Valorant, Call of Duty: Warzone S5 and Halo Infinite. Why are there still unreleased games here? This is an award based on players' predictions about what will be popular on Twitch next year. The winners of the Twitch Awards will be announced on September 3.

We wish both Tim and Fall Guys further success. And you? Have you already won your first crown?

Last update: 2020-08-21

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