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News guides 03 March 2023, 16:03

author: Damian Gacek

Uptie in Limbus Company Explained; Everything You Should Know

If you want to learn about uptie in Limbus Company, you are in a good place. Read our guide to understand these mechanics.

Limbus Company is a new strategy RPG with gacha elements . The game was created by ProjectMoon. You can expect an interesting combat system, some strange lore and quite high difficulty level. In this guide we talk about the uptie mechanic, which is necessary to defeat stronger opponents.

Description of uptie in Limbus Company

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  1. Uptie – it is a form of upgrading character’s Identity. However, it is something different than level. When you power-up your level, you boost your stats. If you uptie, you gain new skills and abilities. Max uptie level is 3.
  2. Thread – this currency is used to uptie. You can get it for Egoshards (1:1). The greater the rarity of the Identity, the more you have to pay (00 – 10 and 40; 000 – 20 and 80).
  3. You can’t uptie basic Identities – they are automatically upgraded during the story (after each chapter). So at the end of chapter 2, your 0 Identities will be uptied to max level.
  4. How to uptie – you have to go to the Sinners tab, pick the character you want to upgrade, and choose the Identity, next just click (or tap) at the proper picture and hold for a while.
  5. Uptied characters are mostly better – if your basic characters are uptied to max level (due to story), and your rare Identities are level 0, think twice before changing them. In many cases it is more profitable to use uptied characters. They have more skills. Remember that.

How to get Thread in Limbus Company

Uptie in Limbus Company Explained; Everything You Should Know - picture #2

As it was mentioned, if you want to uptie, you need to pay Thread. At the moment you can’t get it directly (only as a present from developers or part of premium packs). However, It should be possible in the near future. ProjectMoon announced that on March 16 they will introduce the Thread Luxcavation Dungeon. You will be able to get this currency there.

However, for the time being, you can exchange Egoshards for Threads (1:1). Just go to the Dispense tab in the main menu. Egoshard is a currency, which is character specific. You can buy new Identities and E.G.O for it.

It is possible to earn Egoshards by getting duplicates in gacha game. However, the most reliable method (and free) is to farm it in the Mirror Dungeon (we have a separate guide describing this mechanic). Of course, you can always pay for them.

At the end of each season, 50% of your Egoshards will automatically change into Thread. It will also happen to your Egoshard Crates.

Damian Gacek

Damian Gacek

Graduate of English Philology and English in Public Communication. He started his professional career as an English teacher. A member of Gamepressure since 2019. During this time, he has been writing for various departments. Currently, he mainly covers guides and occasionally supports the newsroom. He has been interested in electronic entertainment since childhood. When he was younger, he wrote a scientific article on video game translations. An enthusiast of RPGs and strategies, he also frequently dives into the depths of indie games. In his spare time, he is working on a book and learning film editing.


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