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News video games 03 March 2023, 15:13

author: Adam Adamczyk

Things You May Not Know About Virginia From Sons of the Forest

Virginia from Sons of the Forest is a very mysterious creature. See if you know these interesting facts about her.

Despite bugs and shortcomings due to being an early access game, many players are praising Sons of the Forest, and among the game's virtues are the enjoyable exploration, satisfying construction mechanics (from a simple tent to a real wooden fortress) to observing the behavior of companions. Not to mention Kelvin, because I've devoted a lot of attention to him recently. I will now focus on what you may not know about Virginia, a woman with three legs and three arms, whom you'd better not mess with.

Virginia's trust

Unlike Kelvin, who accompanies us from the first seconds of the game and will follow us if we give him such a command, Virginia will approach our character only after some time. You don't have to wait long for this, however, as we are talking about the first hours in the world of Sons of the Forest. We will quickly notice that the woman keeps to herself and will run away if we approach her.

To gain her trust, you don't need to do anything special. Let's mind our own business, build a shelter if we want, and let's give her time. Then Virginia will begin to get used to us, until at some point she approaches and gives us a gift of fruit, a squirrel or anything she finds valuable to break the ice. At that point it is worth standing still and watching her. If we want a woman to like us, we should not, at the early stage of making acquaintance, run towards her or hold a gun in our hand when approaching her.

One-man army

All right, but why bother with a friendship with this strange companion at all if you can't give her commands? Well, it's worth it if only for defensive reasons. When exploring the game world, sooner or later we will come across a firearm, which is best to hand to Virginia right away. When wielded by her, it has infinite ammunition, and she dislikes mutants as much as we do, so she will defend us from them.. If we additionally find a shotgun, we will be able to arm her to the teeth, and then we can be more than safe.

Don't go too far from home

Virginia, like a cat, likes to walk her own paths and does not always sit politely in front of the base, just waiting for enemies to attack. Once we are attacked and our one-man army is far away, we will have to deal with the intruders ourselves.

We can't call Virginia or tell her to stay put, but there is a way to slightly increase the chances of her wanting to stay at the base. All we need to do is build some pots nearby and plant fruits in them. Then, from time to time, your companion can approach them to eat something. Of course, setting up a home garden will not guarantee that the woman will stand by it all the time. It is also worth adding that we can find a GPS device in the game, which is worth handing to Virginia, so we can check her location on the map.

Virginia does not have a heart of stone

During the joint adventures experienced by the three of them in the dangerous forest, Virginia will not only befriend our character, but, as it turns out, she will also ally herself with Kelvin. Admittedly, the two do not interact with each other, but it soon becomes clear that the three-legged companion likes our helper. Kelvin can die at the hands of enemies or our own, and when the woman sees his body, she will fall to her knees before him and begin to lament. It's just a shame that this is the only interaction we can see between them.

Follow me

Virginia's usefulness does not end with her shooting skills. Sometimes the woman will approach us and gesture, asking us to follow her. Then the companion will run in a certain direction, and if we follow her, it may turn out that she will lead us to a camp full of useful items. She may or may not, because sometimes the woman stops running and acts as if nothing ever happened. If, in addition, there is a radio in the camp, Virginia will start dancing.

Do you know of any other interesting facts related to Sons of the Forest? If you do, then share them in the comments.

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