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News video games 21 September 2019, 20:34

author: Paul Wozniak

Watch Jurassic Park Recreated in CryEngine

Jurassic Dream, a free game that enables us to visit the island known from the Jurassic Park films, has been released online. The creator decided to remove dinosaurs from his production, but he promises that fans will still have something to do there.

Watch Jurassic Park on your computer screen.

A free game, Jurassic Dream, has been released online, mainly for fans of the Jurassic Park franchise. The production allows you to visit the island in an alternative reality, where the park was not destroyed by dinosaurs. The whole thing was created on CryEngine by one person, known as LifelessTapir.

There are no dinosaurs in the game, only plushies can be found on shop shelves or eggs that have not been hatched yet. The creator says he knows it sounds discouraging, but he assures us that there is something to visit on the virtual island nevertheless. Exploration of the park takes more than an hour and during this time we will visit for example the water slide, swimming pools and tennis court. You can navigate the map on foot or in machines such as off-road vehicles, boats, helicopter or a tank.

The creator also made it possible to test several weapons and change the time of day. Fans can also try their hand at finding notes and funny easter eggs implemented by the author. Jurassic Dream can be downloaded from the official website of the game, and below we present a video showing what interesting we can find on the island.

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