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News guides 21 June 2024, 05:32

author: Olga Fiszer

Water and Food Guide in Aska, How to Refill and Gather Supplies

Keep dying of thirst or hunger in Aska? Explore our guide on food and water, where we explain how to build a Water Well and the most effective methods for gathering essential supplies.

Source: Aska; developer: Sand Sailor Studio

Aska is a new survival game where you build and manage your own tribe. You’ll explore a vast, procedurally generated world, gather resources, craft tool and weapons, and organize villagers to withstand the dangers of the wilderness. This guide will help you understand the food and water system, find their sources, and quickly collect enough supplies to thrive.

How to Get Water in Aska

In Aska, at the beginning of the game, your main water resources would probably be berries and natural water collectors like some rocks with visible liquid, that you can encounter pretty much anywhere on the map. But that’s not the most efficient way to keep your character hydrated, mainly because this will only fill your meter a bit, and it can go down pretty quickly.

And don’t expect to find a larger water source like a river or stream. Don’t waste time like I did. Instead, focus on building your base as soon as possible, ideally near the woods and not far from the beach. However, ensure there are no major enemies nearby.

The fastest way to gather enough water supply is to build:

  1. Rain Collector: This requires 6 sticks and 3 long sticks. It has a small capacity but should be sufficient for you and your first villager.
  2. Water Well that requires 12 small stones and 20 sticks. Wells can be built only on top of natural water collectors.

You can hold E to drink water from a collector or hold R to gather it to your pouch.

Some buildings will remain locked until you meet their requirements. Read their descriptions to see what you need to do to unlock them. All necessary resources should be easy to find in your surroundings. Collect sticks from small bushes, obtain long sticks from chopped trees, and pick up small rocks from the ground.

Remember, that pressing Z will highlight all gatherable objects in your area. This feature can help you locate essential items like food and basic resources needed for constructing your first buildings. Scanning your surroundings at night is especially helpful when it gets totally dark.

How to Get Food in Aska

In Aska, you can gather and consume raw food, although availability may vary with the seasons. Here are the primary sources of edibles in the early game:

  1. Mussels are an excellent food source that can sustain your hunger for an entire day and are simple to gather. They are commonly found on beaches clinging to larger rocks and are available throughout the year. Additionally, they provide a slight amount of hydration.
  2. Mushrooms are also available year-round, but mind that there are different types of these. Regular mushrooms can be eaten raw, but yellow and gray ones can cause hallucinations, so it's important to cook them before eating. Mushrooms sprout in new locations after rainfall.
  3. There are many gatherable sources of food, but you will have to look for them in the wild, and far away from the starting point. Eggs can be found in nests. All sorts of vegetables like garlic, onion, cabbage, carrot, berries, and beetroot grow in various places, but these are seasonal. Harvesting plants also yields seeds that can be utilized for farming later on.
  4. Fishing and hunting require specific tools. After killing a larger animal, you'll need to transport a Meat Hunk back to your settlement or chop it into smaller pieces to fit in your inventory.

Remember that raw food won’t last forever, so you'll need to cook it before it spoils. Cooking raw food resets its decay meter, preventing it from rotting.

Olga Fiszer

Olga Fiszer

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