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What's in Store for Fallout 76 - 2019 Roadmap

100 days have passed since the official release of Fallout 76. On this occasion, Bethesda Game Studios decided to share a complete development roadmap for the game.

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Despite the setbacks so far, Bethesda still has ambitious plans for the title.

Fallout 76 is already 100 days old. Bethesda decided to use this symbolic opportunity to share its thoughts and plans for 2019 with the gaming community. The developers realize that the beginnings were difficult and frustrating for the fans of the title, who had to withstand an unprecedented onslaught of bugs. Some of these problems have already been fixed. The team boasts that the stability of the game and servers has improved by more than 300% since the release, and on average, players spend 4 hours a day in Fallout 76. Bethesda wants the game to become the "platform for infinite adventures in the Fallout universe" for many years to come. As a result, the title will soon be enriched with new, free content.

Whats in Store for Fallout 76 - 2019 Roadmap - picture #2

Wild Appalachia

Whats in Store for Fallout 76 - 2019 Roadmap - picture #3

The Wild Appalachia will debut in the spring, bringing many novelties with them. Starting from March 12, 2019, the following things will be added to the game across the next few weeks (detailed descriptions can be found on Bethesdy's website):

  1. New quest: Shear Terror!
  2. New quest: Ever upwards
  3. New feature: Legendary vendor and processing
  4. New feature: C.A.M.P., decorations, player vending, camera
  5. New feature: Brewing and distilling
  6. New seasonal event: Fasnacht parade
  7. New game mode: Survival

Nuclear Winter

The next big event will be the Nuclear Winter, which will debut this summer. The update will bring the following novelties:

  1. New game mode: Nuclear Winter
  2. New vault raids: Vaults 96 and 94 will open
  3. New feature: Legendary players


The biggest update, however, is planned for the end of the year. The autumn will see the release of Wastelanders, which will introduce a new main questline, new factions, new events, new functions and other yet undefined surprises. Bethesda claims it to be the biggest and most ambitious update for Fallout 76 that has ever been released. Later this year we will see how much truth there is in all this.

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